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Being well insured will make your stay more confortable and mindless.

What kind of insurance?

Following the payment of €10,  students regularly enrolled at the Conservatoire of Music "G.B.Martini" are provided with an insurance UNIPOL-SAI for:                                 

  • Accident insurance which covers accidents occurring during curricular and extra-curricular activities realized at any time and in any days. The insurance policy covers physical damages, medical expenses related to the accident
  • Third party liability insurance which covers physical damages (death or injury) and unintentional material damages (destruction and damages) to third party while carrying out activities organized by the Conservatoire of Music “G.B.Martini”.
€ 10.00
- Post office account no. 67239624 held in the name: Conservatorio di musica “G.B. Martini” Servizio Tesoreria
- bank transfer: IBAN number: IT52X0760102400000067239624 BIC/SWIFT code: BPPIITRRXXX
Assicurazione A.A. 2018/2019
This amount shall be paid each year by all students enrolled at the Conservatoire