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Academic Calendar 2022/2023

Start date: Wednesday 2nd   November 2022
End date: Tuesday  31st   October 2023

Vacation: (no lessons will be held on the following dates): 

  • 8th December 2022 (Feast of the Immaculate Conception);
  • Christmas vacation: from Friday  23rd  December 2022 to Saturday 7th  January 2023;
  • Easter vacation: from Thursday 6th  April 2023  to Monday 10th April 2023;
  • Monday 24th-Tuesday 25th  April 2023 (Liberation Day);
  • Monday 1st May 2023 (Labour Day);
  • Friday 2nd  June 2023 and Saturday 3rd June 2023  (Republic Day);
  • Wednesday 4th October 2023 (Feast of the Patron Saint) 

Teaching activities shall not be held also from 20th  February to 25th  February 2023 and from  1st  to 31st  August 2023.