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Incoming students

Incoming students at 1st, 2nd or 3rd cycles (Bachelor, Master or Doctorate degrees) from Partner Institutes may apply for an Erasmus+ mobility at  Conservatorio di Musica “G.B:Martini” in Bologna: applications are to be sent by e-mail to erasmus@consbo.it before April 15th  .  


Application must include:

  •  Application form with a passport size photo. 
  • Learning Agreement
  • Transcript of academic records from home Institute
  • A link to a video channel (Youtube or similar) or to a file storage (Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox) containing at least 15 minutes of music performed by the applicant.  Composers are expected to submit a copy of selected compositions of their own. 

Applications must be sent by the Erasmus+ or International Relations office of their home Institution. Otherwise, the Home Institute  can send the student's nomination by e-mail and the student can send the application by himself. The applications and the recordings will be examined by a Commission and students will be accepted if there are available places in the required classes.

The Erasmus+ office will send the results  to the related Erasmus+ office of the incoming applicants not later than May 31st and admitted students will be required to give confirmation upon their acceptance not later than June 15th

Their home Institution will receive an official acceptance letter. 

Before the student's arrival a Learning Agreement must be signed by the three parties (Student - Home Institution - Receiving Institution)  on OLA https://learning-agreement.eu/user/login 


Before leaving be sure to take with you :

  • Valid identity card or passport (for non-EU citizens bring a Visa and, if necessary, the residence permit)
  • The European Illness Assistance Card (T.E.A.M.) or the model E106 or a private health insurance 
  • The Learning Agreement approved by both Institutes, your Institute of origin and  Conservatoire "G.B.Martini" 

On your  arrival:

  • Present yourself to the office of International Relations with a letter of acceptance and the Learning Agreement with you
  • Fill in the registration form: from that moment you will be a student of Consevatoire "G.B.Martini"
  • You will be given your work plan with lecturers' names indicated and the course timetable that have been established in your Learning Agreement. It is possible to make changes to the original Learning Agreement, changes that have to be agreed upon with your Institute of origin. 
  • Declare your presence at the Police office

Ask for a registration certificate as an Erasmus+ student of  Conservatoire "G.B.Martini" , it could be very useful to you in many occasions.