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Masterclass di Chitarra M° Pedro Jesùs Gòmez Lorente

La masterclass di Chitarra Progetto Master Class Erasmus+  con il M° Pedro Jesùs Gòmez Lorente si svolgerà nei seguenti giorni e con i seguenti orari:

LUNEDI’ 8 GENNAIO 2018     masterclass di Chitarra ore 15 - 18

MARTEDI’ 9 GENNAIO 2018     masterclass di Chitarra ore 10 - 14

MERCOLEDI’ 10 GENNAIO 2018   masterclass di Chitarra ore 9 - 13 / Concerto in Sala Bossi ore 17.30 

GIOVEDI 11 GENNAIO 2018    Concerto 
del M° Pedro Jesùs Gòmez Lorente assieme ai suoi allievi del Conservatorio superior de Mùsica de Castilla La Manche - Albacete

PEDRO JESÚS GÓMEZ - Classical guitar & plucked instruments.              
He gets his degree as a Superior Teacher of Guitar under Professor José Tomás’s teaching guide. Afterwards, he gets a Master’s degree in performance with M. Barrueco, and obtains the Superior Music Degree in Early Plucked Instruments with the lutenists  José M. Moreno and Juan C. De Mulder at Real Conservatorio de Música de Madrid with the highest grades. He is Master D.E.A. in musicology by Universidad Complutense  in Madrid, and Doctor in Music by Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio de Madrid.            
After winning the 1st International Prize “Andrés Segovia” of Spanish music for guitar in Compostela (1997), he ussually plays as a soloist, in chamber music or with orchestras all around Spain and in countries such as Greece, Italy, Germany, Holland, France, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Argentina or Brasil. His different performances are made with original instruments such as al-oud, medieval cittern, six courses vihuela de mano, eight courses lute, baroque guitar, thirteen courses theorbo, fourteen courses baroque lute and classical-romantic guitar, besides classical guitar.            
Pedro Jesús Gómez has recorded for Radio Clásica, R.N.E.-4, Cadena SER, LT-8 Argentina, Radio Cultura de Brasil and  has made productions for digital television in Spain, and published 11 video and CD productions, and investigation papers for Hispanica Lyra, S.G.R. Magazine and Consonancias.                        
Composers such as S. Brotons, D. Cuevas, R. Paredes  I. Sánchez or H. Navarro have written new guitar and vihuela music for him or ordered first recordings,  in 1998, 2003,  2004,  2006, 2010, and 2011. Pedro Jesús Gómez has been invited to lecture and as a guitar teacher to universities and festivals in Europe and America.  Nowadays he is Chamber Music, Continuo & tablature and Guitar Professor in Castilla- La Mancha Superior Conservatory.              
The specialized journalism has written: “his performance was impeccable, impressing the audience despite the aesthetic complexity of the tackled works”(Violao Intercambio);”Pedro Jesús Gómez shows he is a talented and superb guitarist with a musicality rising to the level of his brilliant technique”(Flauta y Música);”a warm, deep, and very human interpretation, in an admirably stummed vihuela.” (CD Compact). “His performance, playing a classical-romantic guitar made by Lourdes Uncilla, obtained a perfect result” (4 Estaciones).