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Masterclass di violino e viola con Jenny Spanoghe

La Masterclass di violino e viola Erasmus + tenuta da Jenny Spanoghe si svolgerà nei seguenti giorni con i seguenti orari:

Martedì 27 marzo 2018    ore 10 - 13 / 15 - 18

Mercoledì 28 Marzo 2018   ore 10 - 13 / 15 - 17     
ore 18 Concerto di Jenny Spanoghe

Jenny Spanoghe

Born in Courtrai (Belgium) in 1957, Jenny Spanoghe dedicated herself to the violin at a very young age. As a student of Georges Octors and Carlo Vanneste, she can be considered as the protagonist of the contemporary Belgian school for violin. She got Master-Classes at the Indiana - University , Bloomington, with J.Gingold ans Janos Sarker. She studied with Philippe Hirschorn in Utrecht, and Semeon Snytkowski in Germany.
She won the National Competition for the Credit Communal Bank in 1972 and was awarded first prizes for solfège, violin and chamber music at the Ghent Royal Conservatory of Music as well as Master-Diplomas for violin and chamber music again with highest distinction. Ranked first, she was awarded the Charles De Leu Prize. 
Jenny Spanoghe received further training with Georges Octors at the Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth. In 1984, she was awarded the Fondation de France Prize in Paris and made her first appearance in a violin-piano duo with Daniel Blumenthal. This famous duo has recorded several CDs .

Jenny Spanoghe is really a solo-violinist. She plays with an impressionant personal interpretation , in a total fusion with the music. She has made solo appearances with several orchestras, performing the great concerto repertoire. She has played under the direction of such conductors as Georges Octors, Walter Gillessen, Robert Groslot, Emmerich Smola, Arie Van Lysebeth, Fernand Terby, Sylveer Van Den Broeck, Dirk Brossé, Jan Cervenca among many others. 
She created more as 100 compositions, and a lot  are specially written for her. The most personnal are:Musette(piano and violin), Widmung (solo 5 strings viola) and Antheilismus for  Jenny (solo- violin)of Jan Van Landeghem, Cappriccio for Jenny by Gian PAolo Luppi, L'Aimer of Claude Ledoux, a lot af violin-concerto's (Der Kuss of Jan Van Landeghem) and sonatas and string-quartets.
In 1989, she established the Eugène Ysaÿe String Quartet, which became the Gaggini Quartet. With this quartet, she has recorded six CDs, and the Union of Belgian Composers awarded her the Fuga Prize in 1997. 

From 1995 to 1998, Jenny Spanoghe served as extraordinary professor at the Chapelle Muiscale Reine Elisabeth. She created a teaching course at the Antwerp Royal Conservatory of Music .

Her great stature as violinist earned her an appointment as violin professor at the Fontys Hogeschool in Tilburg (the Netherlands) in 2002. 

Jenny Spanoghe has a very extensive repertoire, including works beginning with Bach and ranging to contemporary compositions. Several  composers, including Jan Van Landeghem, Frederic Devrees, Gaby Spanoghe, Gian Paolo Luppi, Fred Momentenko, Claude Ledoux, Elias Gistelinck, Vic Legley, Louis Marischal, Piet Swerts and so on , have dedicated works to her. Jenny Spanoghe plays a violin made by Pierre Gaggini – the “contemporary Stradivarius” – dating from 1983 and uses an Emile Sartori bow. 

She also plays the contemporary  five-string viola by Luc Deneys, a model unique in the world. The new performance technique she is developing on this remarkable instrument will no doubt provide inspiration for a new style of music. 
In addition to her concerts as soloist accompanied by orchestra or the best pianists, Jenny Spanoghe performs with the Landini Piano Trio. Their concerts provide occasions to present the work of contemporary composers, flanked by piano trios from the “classical” repertoire. 

In 2000, Jenny Spanoghe recorded a CD with Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden, playing the famous contemporary violin “Le vent de la liberté” by Gauthier Louppe. She also performs regularly with Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden in a wide variety of programmes. 
In 2002,  Jenny Spanoghe created her famous Landini Duo with the celebrated organist and composer Jan Van Landeghem. Their original repertoire includes works by Bach and Rheinberger and various other pieces by Romantic and contemporary Belgian composers. CD Available with Cesar Francks violin sonata in arrangement with organ.,and compositions of Jan Van Landeghem.

Jenny Spanoghe performs  and gives Master- Classes in Belgium and abroad.