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Masterclasses Università di Cartagena in collaborazione con il Conservatorio di Bologna

Clases Magistrales

University of Cartagena 

Dates  5 days (January 4-8, 2022) Addressed to Conservatory students, university students or young chamber music ensembles.

Master Classes 2022
The masterclasses for the 2022 edition have as their main focus, in the same way as the other activities of the festival, chamber music for string quartet and wind ensembles. 

They are aimed at ensembles composed of conservatory students, university students or young ensembles that perform chamber music on a regular basis. 

They last 5 days (January 4-8, 2022) and are conducted by two renowned international experts in the field: Antonello Farulli (strings) and Guido Corti (wind instruments).
. The masterclasses 2022, held in collaboration with the Conservatorio G. Martini Conservatory of Bologna, and the Orchestra of the Teatro Comunale of Bologna, are part of the professional and institutional collaboration initiatives that the Cartagena Music Festival has initiated and consolidated over the years with different international entities.