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Conferenza e Masterclass di Ed Green su Duke Ellington

La conferenza e la masterclass di Ed Green su Duke Ellington si svolgerà nei seguenti giorni e con i seguenti orari:

 Mercoledì 24 maggio 2017  ore  15-16,30  Aula Respighi   

Conferenza di Ed Green (Manhattan School of Music, New York)
Aesthetic Realism, Jazz, and the Music of Duke Ellington
Uno dei massimi specialisti al mondo introduce la figura del grande compositore.
La conferenza è in inglese, corredata da ascolti, filmati, diapositive.

Giovedì 25 maggio ore 10-13 aula 3Z

Masterclass di Ed Green (Manhattan School of Music, New York)
Duke Ellington nel 1940: dal manoscritto alla sala d’incisione

Edward Green, a distinguished and award-winning American composer, has been a professor of music history and jazz composition at the Manhattan School of Music since 1984. His PhD is from New York University, with a thesis on Chromatic Completion in the Late Vocal Music of Haydn and Mozart. His music is available on several labels, including Albany Records and North/South Recordings.  Bridge Records will soon release a CD of his chamber music, including his Sextet for Alto Saxophone and Brass, and the Italian pianist Simone Jenarelli just published, on-line, his recording of Dr. Green's In Praise of Vivid Existence--a short suite for solo piano.               
In the mid-1970s, Edward Green had the honor to study with Eli Siegel, the founder of Aesthetic Realism.  An extensive interview with Dr.Green, dealing with the value of this great philosophy for the understanding of music, art, and life, appeared in the February, 2017 edition of The Mozart Circle:  www.mozartcircle.wordpress.com   
Since 1980 Dr. Green has had the honor to be on the faculty of the Aesthetic Realism Foundation in New York.            
His scholarly publications include The Cambridge Companion to Duke Ellington, and China and the West: The Birth of a New Music (Shanghai Conservatory Press). He likewise edited and contributed to celebratory journal issues marking the anniversaries of Franz Joseph Haydn (Journal of Musicological Research) and Bernard Herrmann (Popular Music History). Essays by Edward Green on the music of Duke Ellington have appeared in Jazz Perspectives, The International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music, Ongakugaku--the journal of the Japanese Musicological Society, and the Journal of Jazz Studies.  He has given major talks on Ellington at universities and conservatories across the United States, as well as in Canada, Argentina, and Croatia; he has addressed Ellington Societies in the UK and the US, and also at major cultural venues such as the Museum of the City of New York. Earlier, the Smithsonian Institution sponsored Dr. Green in his address to the 1991 convention of the International Association of Jazz Educators.            
In 2008, as a Fulbright Senior Scholar in the field of American Music, Edward Green taught a doctoral seminar on the music of John Cage at the Pontifical University of Argentina in Buenos Aires. More recently--November, 2016--he lectured at Lisbon's Escola Superior de Música on the technique of contemporary musical composition, and in March, 2017 he delivered a three-lecture series on Music and Aesthetic Realism at the Academy of Music in Zagreb.  One of these lectures was on Ellington.
Edward Green's website is:    www.edgreenmusic.org