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FILMUSIC - International Composing Competition

FILMUSIC_ INTERNATIONAL COMPOSING COMPETITION, the contest fostered by ORCHESTRA SENZASPINE in collaboration with FONDAZIONE CINETECA DI BOLOGNA and CONSERVATORIO DI BOLOGNA, is open to composers of all ages and nationalities.

The task for the competition is to present an original symphony orchestra sonorisation for a silent short film. Registrations are open until 1/25/2023 (midnight).
The winner and the top 3 placements will be announced before 01/23/2023 at www.senzaspine.com and at https://cinetecadibologna.it.

The films selected by Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna are available for download at the link attached to PDF.
Participants may not in any way disseminate, share or make public the footage without consent.

Candidates may apply with only one composition.
The winning piece will be played live by Orchestra Senzaspine at the FILMUSIC 2023, 5-7 February 2023 at TEATRO CONSORZIALE Budrio and TEATRO DUSE Bologna.

The registration fee is 25€.

- MORE INFO AT PDF or https://www.musicalchairs.info/competitions/3328?ref=51
closing date: 20 Jan 2023