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Master di I Livello: InMICS

The international Master in Composition for Screen (InMICS) is a joint master’s degree program dedicated to international students wishing to work as composers for audiovisual media.

InMICS was created through a partnership of European higher art education institutes:
- CNSMD in Lyon (France)
- Conservatorio di Musica G.B. Martini in Bologna (Italy) 
- KASK & Conservatory (HOGENT) in Ghent (Belgium)

The program spans two years, during which students study at two of the three partner institutes. Candidates have the opportunity to indicate their preferences for the institutes where they would like to study. Each participating school offers a specific teaching approach to composition for visual media, with a focus on the medium and professional perspectives:

- CNSMD de Lyon: Scoring for Screen.
- Conservatorio "G.B. Martini" Bologna: Mixed Composition for Screen. 
- KASK & Conservatory (HOGENT) in Ghent: Musical Theatre and Media Arts.

This setup provides students with the ideal opportunity to fulfill their personal objectives and advance their professional perspectives.

Requirements in brief:

- A bachelor’s degree in music or its equivalent is required. 
- Proficiency equivalent to a B1 level in English is required. The program will be taught primarily in English, with the exception of a few optional courses offered in the language of the country of one of the three institutes: Italian, French, or Dutch. Language proficiency will be assessed during the application interviews. 
- There is no age limit.

Deadline for the next application: May 1st, 2024.

Please visit the official InMICS website for more general information and to apply for the next intake.
For tuition fee for 2024-2026 visit INMICS .

INMICS in Bologna

The Bologna Conservatory offers a program focused on mixed composition for media arts, with a particular emphasis on experimental cinema, video art, art documentaries, sound installations, and interactive multimodal live performances.

Students in this program are exposed to and confronted with a wide variety of languages, techniques, technologies, and artistic expressions. Preferring an empirical, hands-on approach that looks at contemporary production methods, students in this program are stimulated in composing, mixing, designing, and arranging their own music and sound assets.
Along with the collaboration between the Conservatory and various institutions, this prepares students for various professional fields where sound and music form essential components, calling for the creation of highly personal and high-quality music, soundscapes, and sound design.

Courses Description
Teachers' Bio
Studying in Bologna


The Bologna Conservatory has established collaborations with two film institutions of national and international significance: the Cineteca di Bologna Foundation and the Home Movies Foundation. The core principle of these collaborations is to involve students in concrete projects that vary from year to year, exposing them to real-world production challenges.

Basic info

- Main classes location: Bologna Conservatory of Music, piazza Rossini 2, Bologna
- Special classes can be held in the headquarters of the partner institutions
- Please note: The academic year in Italy starts November 2nd and ends June 30th.
- Timetable of the class activity: from Monday to Saturday

More information and details about InMICS (course descriptions, student profiles, presentations of institutional partners, application procedures, etc.) can be found on www.inmics.org.